BuildTak launches new FlexPlate System for easy removal of 3D prints

Anyone who has printed with speciality 3D filament knows it can be difficult to get the first layer to stick well. When you print on glass, you’ll probably need a heated bed and when your material requires a high bed temperature, tricks like a layer of glue stick or hairspray may not function like you’d expect.
If you don’t have a heated bed, you’ll probably found solutions such as Kapton- or masking tape, but these take a long time to attach to the bed.
The solution is an adhesive layer sticker and that is exactly what the company BuildTak manufactures.

BuildTak adhesive 3D printing surface sheets

BuildTak’s so-called 3D printing adhesive surface sheets are not cheap, but when you print with specialty filament priced at $50 / 2.2lb, you’d rather not want your prints to fail.

My experience with printing BuildTak is that you have to spend a bit more time on leveling your bed. BuildTak calls it ‘finding the sweet spot’. When you don’t find the sweet spot, it can be very difficult to remove your prints. And believe me, you want to use your BuildTak more than once.

BuildTak FlexPlate system is the solution

BuildTak’s recently launched FlexPlate System promises to make print removal much easier.
The system consists of two components: a magnetic mounting plate and the FlexPlate.

How does it work?

First you attach the magnetic mounting plate directly on your bed comparer les prix viagra. Then lay the FlexPlate on the mounting plate.
As you can see in the video below, the removal of a print is much easier. When removing a print you just simply bend the FlexPlate a bit back and forth and the print comes off.

If you would like to learn more about the product or you are interested in purchasing the FlexPlate System, please go to and place your order.

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